10 Things to look for in a new ice machine

  1. Projected ice consumption. It is important for you to understand how much ice you will need to meet your business needs as ice machines can vary in their production. An ice machine is a worthwhile investment as ice is cheap and displaces the more expensive drink. Suggested ice usage amounts are:
    1. Soft Drink 200-400g
    2. Spirits nip 100g
    3. Wine Bucket 1kg
  2. Modular or under counter?  After your ice capacity is estimated, add a safety factor for busy periods and future growth. Also remember for busy bars if glass is dropped in an ice well all the ice must be removed. If a self contained undercounter machine still fits the bill then that can be a very cost effective solution. Otherwise a modular machine will need to be selected with an ice storage bin to suit.
  3. Bin storage size. Does your venue consume a lot of ice on Thursday-Saturday and not much the rest of the week? Perhaps you need a lot of storage and a smaller modular head that can catch up production during non peak times.
  4. Real world capacity ratings of the machine. Ice machines make more ice in a colder environment with cold water being fed into them. It should come as no surprise then that most ice machine manufacturers rate their ice machines at these colder conditions, 21° Ambient / 10° Water or even as low as 15°/10° are not uncommon. It is best to select a machine for QLD conditions at 32°/21° for actual real world capacity.
  5. Location. Ice is a food product, and as such, the machine should be located indoors in a well ventilated space. Ice machines should be kept away from both rubbish and glass bins and cleaned regularly.
  6. Water quality. It is preferable to install a quality water filter along with your new machine. We can select an appropriate water filter for your machine to your requirements. Sediment and or Carbon block filters are common and most preferable. We preferentially use Everpure water filters as they offer varying capacity in the range, are very effective and price conscientious.
  7. Ice type or shape. Ice is available in many different shapes, sizes and styles. You will need large 32mm cubes for fine whisky, small thin ice for blending and flaked or compressed flaked ice are only some of the options.
  8. Finance. If finance is required we can work with Silvershef and many other finance companies to deliver a solution tailored to your business needs.
  9. Include a regular service contract. The number one cause of ice machine problems is lack of service. It is important to remember ice is a food product that is consumed. Regular servicing of your ice machine will keep it running in tip top shape for many years and keep operating costs low.
  10. In most cases an ice solution that suits one business will not be satisfactory for another. Purchasing an ice machine is very much something that can and should be tailored to your requirements. Talk to us today obligation free about your requirements.