How to Clean a Commercial Ice Machine

Summer is fast approaching, and with the warmer weather comes backyard parties and a demand for lots and lots of ice. This means that your ice machine needs to be in tip top shape. Now is the time to give your commercial ice machine a much needed clean, so that you can be sure you’re making safe, pristine ice. 


Why clean your ice machine


The ice you produce may look clear, but if your ice machine hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned for a long time, it can turn into a nasty breeding ground for mould and mildew. Not only that, but minerals can build up on the inside of your machine, giving a nasty taste to your ice or worse!


How to clean your ice machine


The first step in cleaning your ice machine is to remove all ice from the machine. You don’t have to let it melt, and can instead bag it up and put it in your freezer. You might also want to wait until the end of the day or very first thing in the morning so there’s next to no ice anyway. 


The second step is to see if your ice machine has a “clean” setting. This whole process may be as easy as just pressing a button and letting your machine do it’s thing.


Once you’ve let your ice machine run a clean cycle, you’ll need to remove and dispose of the ice that that cycle produced. This ice will be pretty nasty, and may give an unwitting customer a strong taste of vinegar if it’s not disposed of properly. 


The next step is to clean the inside of the ice maker. The buildup of moisture in this part of the machine can lead to mould growth. This potential health hazard should be cleaned regularly. Scrub inside the reservoir and the rim thoroughly to get rid of any moisture or mould.


You may at this stage want to run the machine a few more times to make sure everything is flushed. This is an important step if your ice machine does not have its own clean function, because this will clear a lot of the nasty stuff that may have been dislodged during the main cleaning stage. 


The next step is to dry inside the reservoir. Use a dry towel, and keep a close eye on if any mineral deposits come loose during this process. You’ll need to make sure you get those out while you’re drying. 


This is also a good opportunity to ensure the outside of the ice machine also looks flawless. Wipe it down and remove any smudges or stains. This will not only make it look pretty, but also remove any moisture that the machine has produced during the cleaning process.


Cleaning your ice machine is critical, and the time to do that is now, before the summer begins and everyone just wants ice. Some machines will have their own clean cycles, but either way, it pays to be thorough and take your time. Your ice will be far safer to consume, and not have any aftertaste. If you need any help or advice, you can contact your local experts on Ice Machines Brisbane. All So Cool can help you choose the right ice machine , and make sure that it stays in the best condition.