How to Make Commercial Refrigerators More Energy Efficient

How to Make Commercial Refrigerators More Energy Efficient We don’t need to tell you how important commercial refrigerators are to a business. If you run a restaurant, hotel, bar or any kind of food and hospitality business, you rely heavily on commercial refrigeration. Unfortunately, commercial refrigeration can be expensive to run, and more so to…

Make commercial refrigerators more energy efficient with these tips

How to Clean a Commercial Ice Machine the Right Way

How you clean your commercial ice machine will vary depending on the manufacturer, but these machines generally follow a similar overall process. As such, we’ve put together a basic guide on how to clean a commercial ice machine, inside and out. We’ve even sprinkled in some professional tips and best practices, just for you!  We…

how to clean a commercial ice machine

Increase Cool Room Efficiency with these Top-Notch Tips

If you’ve owned or worked in a business that relies on a cool room, you already know that cool rooms are energy-hungry entities. As commercial refrigeration professionals, we’re going to teach you how to increase cool room efficiency to augment your bottom line. Every bit of energy saved counts towards your financial success and the…

Increase cool room efficiency with commercial refrigeration best practices

When to Call a Fridge Mechanic: Signs to Look Out For

If you work in hospitality, food service, food retail, or behind the scenes in some kind of food and beverage processing, then you need to know when it’s time to call a fridge mechanic. These industries are so reliant on their commercial refrigeration systems that they can’t afford to overlook the warning signs. In this…

Commercial refrigeration repair tips and service

How to Use a Glycol Beer Chiller the Right Way

There are many ways to chill your beers and wines with commercial refrigeration. A glycol beer chiller is a popular choice for bars and hospitality venues because of its diversity and efficacy. Glycol beer chillers cool products down over short time periods, and are useful for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  In this article, we’ll discuss…

Glycol Beer Chiller Beers

Beer Line Cleaning 101: Tips for a Great Beer

Beer Line Cleaning 101: Tips for a Great Beer  Commercial beer taps, like so many other systems, perform a lot better when they’re cleaned and maintained regularly. Beer line cleaning is of the utmost importance, not only for keeping your beer tasting fresh, but for protecting the health and safety of your patrons. This quick…

beer lines

Venue Startup checklist

Refrigeration: Clean any accessible filters. Turn on your refrigeration cabinets: Check that the Evaporator and Condenser fans are working and not making odd noises. Is the set-point correct? For food cabinets, we recommend 2-3°C. Check any door hinges / catches for operation and wear. Monitor the temperature as the cabinet / item cools down. Make…

Home Isolation Specials

Are you working from home and missing the Friday pub lunch? Now you can bring that experience home* with these brand new keg fridges! Load it up with your favourite beer, chuck a fiver in the tip jar and get ready to enjoy tap fresh liquid gold.So go on, skip that Zoom meeting and pour…

All So Cool Coronavirus COVID-19 action plan

COVID-19 has already had massive impacts to the hospitality industry. Some of our customers have voluntarily closed their doors and now announced on 18/03/2020, a 100 person non-essential inside limit on patrons. Many more of our valued customers are facing very difficult times indeed.

COVID-19 Person behind window

Attract customers to your venue using Pokémon Go and Silverchef

Silverchef have an eBook available on their website to help you take advantage of the Pokémon GO phenomenon. Grab it now and profit from others catching them all. silver-chef-Pokemon-GO-eBook_0