6 Ways To Reduce Energy Consumption In Your Commercial Refrigeration System


If you are a business owner and serve food and drink, or need to store perishable items, you may be aware of the impact your commercial refrigeration system has on your energy bills and carbon footprint. 

Engaging in reduced energy consumption practices can lead to significant cost savings, lower utility bills and improved profitability – whilst also improving efficiency, increasing your bottom line and allowing you to contribute to a greener future. 

However, reducing energy consumption doesn’t have to mean compromising on the quality of your refrigeration system.

Below, All So Cool have 6 simple ways to reduce energy consumption in your commercial refrigeration system, without compromising on your business needs.


1 – Clean the condenser coils regularly: One of the main reasons for energy waste in refrigeration systems is dirty condenser coils. Dirt and debris can clog the coils, forcing the compressor to work harder and use more energy. Regular cleaning of the condenser coils can help improve energy efficiency and save money on energy bills.

2 – Use energy-efficient lighting: Lighting can be a major contributor to energy waste in commercial refrigeration systems. Consider replacing traditional lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting. Not only do LED lights use less energy, but they also generate less heat, reducing the load on your refrigeration system.

3 – Invest in high-efficiency refrigeration equipment: Upgrading to high-efficiency refrigeration equipment can help reduce energy consumption in your commercial refrigeration system. Modern refrigeration equipment is designed to be more energy-efficient, with features such as electronic controls and variable speed compressors that use less energy.

4 – Optimise the temperature settings: The temperature settings on your commercial fridge directly impact the amount of energy it consumes. Your refrigeration system doesn’t need to be colder than necessary. Optimising the temperature settings can help reduce energy consumption and save money on your utility bills.

5 – Install night covers: Night covers are a simple but effective way to reduce energy consumption in open refrigeration cases. Night covers are designed to cover the display case during non-business hours, reducing the amount of energy required to maintain the temperature.

6 – Schedule regular maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your commercial refrigeration system is working efficiently. Regular maintenance can help identify any potential issues before they become a problem, improving energy efficiency and reducing the risk of breakdowns. Having your refrigeration plant serviced by All So Cool at regular intervals will prevent the chance of a system breakdown. We can tailor a preventative maintenance package to suit your business’s needs ensuring your refrigeration system continues running smoothly all year round.


Reducing energy consumption in your commercial refrigeration system doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Simple changes, such as regular cleaning and optimising temperature settings, can have a significant impact on your energy bills and carbon footprint. 

By following these six simple steps, you can reduce energy consumption in your commercial refrigeration system.

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