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Why invest in a blast chiller or freezer?

Blast chillers and freezers decrease the temperature of food and liquids much more quickly than a traditional freezer does, and are widely used in commercial settings, not only for convenience, but for cost-saving, and to better preserve the quality of the food. It helps save on food waste Although they can sometimes be a significant…

Dev Benjamin

All So Cool Coronavirus COVID-19 action plan

COVID-19 has already had massive impacts to the hospitality industry. Some of our customers have voluntarily closed their doors and now announced on 18/03/2020, a 100 person non-essential inside limit on patrons. Many more of our valued customers are facing very difficult times indeed.

COVID-19 Person behind window

Attract customers to your venue using Pokémon Go and Silverchef

Silverchef have an eBook available on their website to help you take advantage of the Pokémon GO phenomenon. Grab it now and profit from others catching them all. silver-chef-Pokemon-GO-eBook_0

All So Cool at the 2016 AHGE Trade Show

The All So Cool team was on stand 178 for the Keno Australian Hospitality and Gaming Expo Trade Show on March 2 – 3. Thanks to everyone that came past our stand say hello and sample a Fortitude Brewing Drifer Summer Lager or Pacer Light!

2016 AHGE Trade Show

Hello World!

All So Cool Releases new website. Well it’s been a couple of years since its had a facelift, this new platform will help us bring timely updates and information about whats new and hot in All So Cool. Stay tuned for special offers to help us celebrate this release.

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