Why invest in a blast chiller or freezer?

Blast chillers and freezers decrease the temperature of food and liquids much more quickly than a traditional freezer does, and are widely used in commercial settings, not only for convenience, but for cost-saving, and to better preserve the quality of the food.

It helps save on food waste

Although they can sometimes be a significant financial outlay, blast chillers and freezers can save your business huge amounts of money in the long run. Rapid cooling minimizes moisture loss from evaporation, decreases the size of ice crystals, and help business freeze their cooked food and fresh produce for longer periods.

It helps preserve pasta and baked items

Traditional freezers do a really bad job of preserving the shape and texture of the pasta and baked goods. Pie crusts and pastries in particular can go soggy and lose their flaky, crisp texture when they are exposed to the condensation in a traditional freezer. A blast chiller cools far more quickly, helping preserve shape and texture.

Makes ice-creams and deserts extra creamy

When creamy desserts are frozen with a blast chiller or freezer, they will freeze with smaller ice crystals. This will help them keep that creamy, smooth texture that they should have. This is especially important for more complex desserts like ice cream cakes and bombe glacées.

It preserves meat and fish products better

When your meat and fish are blast frozen and defrosted, no one will be able to taste the difference. This comes in handy especially with fish that are caught and sold seasonally because you can freeze it and sell it year-round. You can even blast freeze clams, oysters, and mussels without compromising their freshness.

It’s a more hygienic way to preserve produce

The rapid reduction in temperature that you get with a blast chiller can prevent harmful bacteria and microorganisms from reproducing. It can also kill existing bacteria that can’t survive in frozen conditions. You’ll want to freeze produce as soon as you can to halt it from spoiling and keep it safe and hygienic.

It helps with planning and preparation

If you’re a chef or a restaurant owner, then you know that commercial kitchens can be unpredictable, with unexpected orders and requests meaning that you always need to be ready for anything. With a blast chiller or freezer, you can have fresh ingredients at your fingertips whenever those unexpected orders come through. It can also help you have a more expansive menu, worrying less about seasonality and more about flavor.

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