All So Cool Coronavirus COVID-19 action plan

COVID-19 Person behind windowCOVID-19 has already had massive impacts to the hospitality industry. Some of our customers have voluntarily closed their doors and now announced on 18/03/2020, a 100 person non-essential inside limit on patrons. Many more of our valued customers are facing very difficult times indeed.

Everyone at All So Cool wishes you well with whatever COVID-19 action plans you are activating to protect your patrons, staff and businesses. Everyone is worried about COVID-19, but we will all work together to get through these difficult times.

All So Cool is continually monitoring the situation as it unfolds and is currently part way through executing our own ever changing! COVID-19 action plan. Maintaining context on current information is proving difficult.

  • The OODA loop has worn a track.
  • The Infinite game is certainly playing and;
  • the LEAN principles are getting pretty thin!

We embrace online solutions for our business processes. There are always aspects we can do better. An audit was conducted to find issues that required change and that change is swift.

As a part of our plan we are moving to protect and insulate our people from this crisis as best we can. By protecting our people we are protecting a community.

The COVID-19 Plan

As a part of our COVID-19 action plan we have:

  • Kept our staff up to date with how COVID-19 relates to them.
  • Purchased a new phone system that allows our workers to work remote.
  • Preparing computers and processes to enable remote communication and continuity.
  • Minimised inter-staff contact.

Wrapping up

Finally I would like to reiterate that All So Cool are poised to fulfill your Refrigeration, Beer System and Ice Machine needs. While the future is full of uncertainty, we would like to reassure you that we are here to assist when required.

Action will make our collective sacrifice worthwhile turning COVID-19 into another 2003 SARS, which was dealt with quickly. Or a Y2K, for those of you old enough to remember was very much a non-event through massive amounts of prior preparation.


All So Cool is doing the best we can. We hope you are as well and wish you luck.