Your guide to energy-efficient commercial refrigeration

Refrigeration, for commercial business, can be an enormous cost. For some businesses, refrigeration can account for up to 60% of their utility bills. This means more energy-efficient refrigeration solutions can lead to significant business savings. Making the switch can also reduce your carbon footprint, and make your business more eco-friendly.

How energy-efficient refrigeration can reduce your bills

Your commercial refrigerators are running 24/7, and they represent a significant portion of your overall energy consumption. Historically, the energy consumption from refrigerators of any kind has been high, but in recent times, manufacturers have caught on to our need for more energy-efficient solutions.

An energy-efficient refrigerator does not compromise the freshness or temperature of your produce. These types of refrigerators run to the same standard as any other, and the only significant difference is the amount of energy they use.

The upfront cost of a more energy-efficient commercial refrigerator can be higher than a standard refrigerator and for good reason. Energy efficiency requires newer technology and is often more expensive to produce. The savings that you can expect over time will more than makeup for an upfront investment.

How to recognize energy-efficient refrigerators

The government has strict regulations surrounding what can and can’t be advertised as an “eco-friendly” product. Appliances, in particular, are subject to stringent regulations, which means that as a consumer, it’s easy to know exactly what you are buying.

The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States started the Energy Star rating to ensure consumers were informed about their appliance choices. Some appliances in Australia have this rating system, but most have the Australian version.

In Australia, we created something similar, known as the Energy Rating System. The Energy Rating System is very simple and easy to understand, and you’re likely already familiar with it. You have probably seen the labels with 6 stars and an overall energy consumption number.

The stars represent the overall energy-efficiency rating, and the energy consumption number can be easily compared to similar appliances to figure out which will result in more power bill savings.

There is another variation of this Energy Rating label as well, and that is the ‘super efficiency’ 10-star label. Anything with this label is doing extremely well in energy efficiency. They may cost more upfront but you will save over time with commercial refrigerators in the ‘super efficiency’ category.

You may also encounter commercial Refrigerators without any efficiency rating, and in those cases, you can calculate your usage manually. You can learn how to do that at the Australian Government Energy rating website here.

How to make the right choice for you

As a commercial business owner, you are no doubt juggling many competing priorities. Ensuring your commercial refrigeration system is energy efficient is just one piece of the puzzle, so if you need help, the team at All So Cool are here. We can provide expert advice and commercial fridge repairs Brisbane, so come and see us for all your commercial refrigeration Brisbane needs.