4 Refrigerator Features to Look Out For

Not every refrigeration system is created equally, and some features can make a huge difference to the ease of use and functionality of your commercial fridge. The problem is that it can sometimes feel like there are so many options that it can feel overwhelming. As your local Brisbane commercial fridge mechanic, we’ve put together a list of the 4 features that you should consider when buying your new fridge.

1. Door alarms and self-closing doors

For a lot of businesses, produce is one of the most important assets they have. Without it, no food could be cooked, no drinks made, and no money earned. Some fridges come with alarm systems that sound when the doors of a fridge have been kept open for too long, which helps keep your food child and fresh for longer, but also conserves energy by making sure the internal temperature of the fridge stays down. Self-closing doors serve the same purpose, ensuring that the door stays closed when it can, keeping in cold air.

2. Automatic defrosting

Although automatic defrosting does add to your energy consumption, it is an extremely valuable feature that would benefit almost any business. You won’t have to manually switch off your fridge to melt excess frost or ice, because the fridge can get rid of it using excess hot gas from the compressor. It’s a huge time-saver and will allow your business to continue running, rather than stopping to deal with fridge issues.

3. Extra storage

Every fridge is filled with storage, but taking the time to think about what configuration of storage is right for your business will allow you to make a far better choice. You can opt for sliding shelves, drawers, shallow or deep compartments, and so much more. There are even options like climate-controlled drawers so you can store each different item at the perfect temperature. The best option will depend on what you’re storing and is always worth having a conversation with an expert about.

4. Polyurethane foam

What your refrigeration system is insulated with has a huge impact on how well it runs. Polyurethane foam is one of the best in the markets and is the third-generation advancement of foam blowing agents. A commercial fridge with this insulation can maintain colder temperatures because of the material’s low thermal conductivity and high compression strength.

For advice on which refrigeration solution is best for your business, contact the experts at All So Cool. We are your local Brisbane refrigerator mechanic, specializing in the supply, installation, preventative maintenance, and repair of commercial refrigeration equipment.