How to Get the Most out of Your Fridge and Freezer this Winter Season?

Living in Australia, and especially in Brisbane, people often find it hard to believe that we have harsh winters. Some places are definitely cooler than others, but I think all Aussies can attest that we are currently in the coldest part of our year.

You might also start to notice around this time of year that your commercial fridge starts to behave differently. So how do you your commercial fridge, and everything inside it, in great shape this winter?

Do you need to change the fridge temperature in winter?

You might expect that during winter, the temperature inside the fridge and freezer to go down, and that the best thing to do is to turn the temperature up. This is actually the opposite of what tends to happen. Keep an eye on your fridge, and particularly your freezer’s temperature, because you may have to turn it down during the cooler months.

Can a fridge get damaged in the winter?

In specific circumstances, yes, the cold weather can actually cause damage to your fridge, and even cause it to break. Fridges are not generally designed to run in temperatures where the outside is colder than the inside. When fridges draw in air from outside, a complex process happens which can cause normal cooling processes to break down.

Luckily, most commercial fridges have technology in place that prevents this, but if you are running your system in a particularly cool climate, or in a space that has no other heating then it is probably worth flagging as a potential concern to a refrigeration professional.

How can I keep my fridge’s running costs down during winter?

There is a great way that you can use the cooler weather to your advantage, and it means that your fridge won’t need to work as hard. Keep anything warm, like freshly cooked food, out to cool before putting it in the fridge. This keeps the internal temperature of your fridge or freezer nice and cool all the time.

Another great way to maximize your fridge and freezer’s efficiency this winter is to think carefully about where you’re putting different items. Your fridge and freezer are likely to warm a little over the winter, so storing things in a way that makes cooling easier is always best. Pay attention to storing your dairy items in the dairy-specific area, which runs a little warmer, and leave enough space between things for free airflow to take place.

If you want the best refrigeration solution this winter, get in touch with the experts at All So Cool. As your local Brisbane refrigerator mechanic and Commercial Fridge Repairs Brisbane, we can provide expert advice to keep you up and running all winter long.