8 things to look for when buying a new beer reticulation system


  1. Available Space: When you are looking for a beer reticulation system you need to define how much space you have for it. You can contact All So Cool who will send a service consultant to measure the space and advise you on the best system to both meet your space requirements and your business needs. You will also need to create a space that is well lit and easy for staff to enter and exit safely.
  2. Projected / Current clientele: It is important that your beer reticulation system meets both your current and projected client needs. We all know that changing over kegs in the middle of service is time consuming and can slow down service, but there is nothing worse than running out of beer in the middle of service. All So Cool can advise on the right system to meet your current needs and also projected needs for example, sporting Grand Finals, public holidays and special events.
  3. Number of taps: The number of taps you have at your venue will determine the type of beer reticulation system you install. It may be advised that you expand and All So Cool can easily install new taps to meet your growing business needs.
  4. Style of system: The style of system you get is very important as it needs to fit in with your business needs. You need to consider how often are you changing kegs, what are your most popular beers? Do you need to change kegs often in the middle of service? All So Cool can assist you on the right style for your business.
  5. Looks: The look of your beer reticulation system is incredibly important. The system needs to meet your business requirements but also blend in with the look of your bar and surroundings. Do you have a modern venue? Laid back? Artistic? At All So Cool we can tailor your system to match the look of your venue.
  6. Serviceability of system: When installing your beer reticulation system you will need to understand how often it will need to be serviced. You will need to ensure your staff are trained in proper cleaning and maintenance of your system and understand when the system needs to be serviced. This will depend on your business requirements and how much product you use per week/month.
  7. Ongoing costs: There are always ongoing costs with your beer reticulation system and you will need to budget for these costs. This can be emergency repairs and regular servicing costs. All So Cool can advise you on these projected costs as per your beer reticulation system.
  8. After sales support: All So Cool provide after sales support for your beer reticulation system. This can include any emergency repairs, ongoing services and potential upgrades and any potential extras you may want in the future.