The benefits of Hybrid Beer Systems

A hybrid beer system is a top of the range product that has all of the advantages of glycol and an ice bank. It has a frozen fount look just like their larger glycol system. This will make a statement in your bar. This technology is new and All So Cool are the exclusive agents in Queensland offering this product.

A hybrid beer system has the ability to keep up during peak times as it contains a special fluid that freezes at a predetermined subzero temperature thereby enabling an ice bank to form that is consumed during peak load operation and replenished during quiet times.

Another advantage of the hybrid beer system is it’s small undercounter footprint. The unit we use is exactly the same as a traditional ice bank system but with a configuration change to enable Hybrid operation. As the hybrid system uses the same chiller the footprint under the bar is exactly the same as a traditional ice bank unit.

This is the exact same as the fount and drip tray as nothing changes with the fount, drip tray, lines or keg couplers, these all remain exactly the same. Depending on the chiller unit used, some existing systems can be converted to hybrid operation at a later date.

The hybrid beer system combined under counter beer system and post-mix. All So Cool have successfully completed a trial combining undercounter beer systems with post-mix combined into the one chiller. This is a great way to save space in a small venue. Normally a post-mix system occupies a large space back of house with a chiller and bag in box rack commonly taking up the space of a large two door commercial fridge.

Our system utilises the same under counter chiller that chills the beer. A custom rack holds the bag in box system and associated equipment required for the post-mix. This has the following advantages; more effective utilisation of existing equipment, ability to free refrigerator space from package soft drink for expanded package beer or wine sales and higher profit margin on post-mix.

The hybrid beer system also has a big bar feel, spirits and mixers are easier to pour, up to 8 post mix products available the ability to source post-mix from independent suppliers, bundled beer and post-mix from one supplier.
Speak to All So Cool about how the hybrid beer system can improve your bar.