10 Things to look for when buying a new refrigerator


  1. What are your usage requirements? This will help with deciding what product will work best for you. You can choose from under-counter, back bar, upright, sandwich prep, freezer or workbench.
  2. What are you size restrictions? How many doors do you need and what are your  overall size restraints? Make sure you take careful measurements of where you want your fridge to go.
  3. What are your pricing restrictions? You will not only need to consider the price of the product but the cost of running it and maintenance.
  4. What are your shelving requirements? What will they be holding, what are the weight restrictions?
  5. Consider the doors you need. Do you need solid panel, glass double or triple glazed, heated glass, hinge left or right? Take a careful look at where the fridge will be placed and how they will be opened.
  6. Consider your replaceable gaskets. They will need replacing one day, you don’t want to be replacing a whole door to simply change a gasket.
  7. You will need replaceable door tensioners. Your doors don’t self close anymore? In most commercial fridge doors there’s a spring that is incorporated in the hinge that closes the door and over time they can break. Its an easy fix if your door tensioners are replaceable, expensive if the entire door needs to be replaced.
  8. Consider your need for heaters. Mullion heaters around doors prevent condensation and allow people to see through your doors.
  9. Consider your mobility needs. Does your fridge need to be rolled around for cleaning or installed on a concrete plinth?
  10. What are the external finishing touches? Do you want stainless steel, painted, wood paneling? Custom colours and finishes are all available for your desired look.