9 Telltale Signs That You Need A New Beer Tap System In Your Bar

When it comes to making sure you have the right equipment for your bar, one of the most important factors is having a good beer tap system.

Unfortunately, the life of these systems can be limited and if you’re not regularly checking for signs of wear and tear, this could cause problems down the track.

Below, All So Cool have nine telltale signs that you need a new beer tap system in your bar:


  1. Beer is foamy or flat – If your beer isn’t pouring correctly then there could be an issue with the existing beer tap system.


  1. Beer lines are leaking – Leaking beer lines can be incredibly wasteful and not just financially, but in terms of the quality of your beer. If you spot any leaks or drips in your system, it will be worthwhile getting this looked at.


  1. Poor tasting – If you notice your beer is off or strange tasting, this could be due to bacteria build-up in the lines.


  1. Strange odour – Strange smells coming from your taps are a sure sign that something is wrong with your beer tap system.


  1. Beer is taking too long to pour – Your beer should be pouring in an average of 4-7 seconds, any longer and it could indicate a problem with your lines or the pressure set on them.


  1. You’re having to replace parts frequently – If your existing beer tap system is requiring frequent repairs then you should consider investing in a new one. Look for systems with high-quality components that are built to last and can handle regular wear and tear.


  1. Beer isn’t cold enough – Most beers should be served at around 1-2 degrees Celsius and if your beer tap is producing warm beer, then this could indicate a problem with the system and indicate inadequate refrigeration.


  1. High energy bills – If your energy bills have been increasing yet there doesn’t seem to be a reasonable explanation, then it could be worthwhile investigating if there is an issue with your beer tap system to see if it is the root cause.


  1. Beer lines need frequent cleaning – Beer Line Cleaning is essential for removing beer stone, yeast and organic contaminants from the beer lines to ensure that your customers get a good quality product each time they order a beer. If you find yourself having to clean the lines more frequently than usual, then this is another sign that you should consider replacing your existing beer tap system.


If you’re experiencing these telltale signs, it’s likely time to invest in a new beer tap system.

Or, if you just need some maintenance, All So Cool can perform installation, service, repair and preventative maintenance to commercial beverage dispensing machinery, ranging from single tap systems through to large-scale stadium systems – and everything in between.

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