6 Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Fridge In Top Condition All Year Round

The 2023 New Year is here, and with that, it’s time to start the year off right by taking care of those crucial pieces of equipment that, if you have a business that serves food and drink, or you need to store perishable items, will help keep your business running smoothly: Commercial Refrigerators.

Commercial fridges are essential for keeping food, drinks and other items at the optimal temperature – but only if they’re properly cared for. If you want your fridge to run as efficiently as possible and keep your goods in tip-top condition, here are our top 6 tips for keeping your commercial fridge at its best all year round:


  1. Regularly check the temperature

    – Keeping an eye on the internal temperature of your refrigeration units is essential for ensuring that food stays safe and unspoiled. Make sure you regularly check the temperatures of your fridge and freezer to ensure that they are maintaining the correct levels.


  1. Clean it regularly

    – Keeping your commercial refrigeration units clean is essential for keeping them in optimal condition. Dust, dirt and even food residue can affect the efficiency of any appliance, so make sure you give yours a thorough clean at least once a month.


  1. Look out for leaks

    – Water or gas leaks can cause serious problems, not only in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings but also health and safety concerns due to the potential risk of electric shocks or food contamination. Check your refrigeration units regularly for any signs of leaks.


  1. Keep the door seals tight

    – Over time, the rubber seal around the fridge and freezer doors can become loosened or cracked, causing warm air to enter and spoil food. Make sure that you keep a close eye on the seal and replace it as soon as possible if it becomes damaged.


  1. Don’t overload the unit

    – Overloading your commercial fridge can cause it to work harder than necessary and put unnecessary strain on the motor, leading to potential breakdowns. Make sure you check the load capacity of your fridge before adding anything new.


  1. Have it serviced regularly

    – A commercial fridge requires regular servicing in order to keep it running at its optimum level. Have your commercial refrigerator serviced by All So Cool. Having your refrigeration plant serviced by All So Cool at regular intervals will prevent the chance of a system breakdown, and we can even tailor a preventative maintenance package to suit your business’s needs ensuring your refrigeration system continues running smoothly all year round.


If you are in need of some assistance with your Commercial Refrigeration needs, contact All So Cool today. We specialize in all aspects of refrigeration, ice machines, and beverage dispensing – from supply and installation, to maintenance and repairs.

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