Five reasons why you might need a new commercial refrigerator today

When your commercial refrigerator is working well, you are not likely to think much about it. It just runs in the background and keeps your business running smoothly. The lifespan of a good-quality commercial fridge should also be pretty long, so it can be hard to tell when it’s time for a replacement. 

If you wait until your commercial fridge is completely done for before you start to think about getting a new one, you are setting yourself up for some serious frustrations. Instead, keep an eye out for these signs that you might need a new commercial refrigerator today. 

An increase in condensation

If you begin to notice excessive condensation, that is a sign your fridge isn’t cooling properly. This could be a sign of a problem you can fix or it could mean you are due for a replacement. If you leave your fridge like this for long enough your food is going to begin spoiling more quickly, so it’s something you should get on top of quickly. 

An overheating motor

Refrigerator motors are designed to run hot, but when they start overheating, that’s a sign of trouble. Overheating could mean that your commercial fridge is becoming less efficient and will cost you more, or it could be a signal of a larger issue. 

Your food is spoiling more quickly

If you are starting to notice your food going off more quickly, or taking more time to cool, that’s a pretty good sign that your fridge is quickly heading towards a breakdown. This also means that your fridge is likely to be operating less efficiently and using more power to do its job. 

You have had your commercial fridge for over 10 years

By the time your fridge reaches 10 years, you are likely to start encountering more and more problems. Efficiency will begin to decrease around this time, and you will also start to pay more for repairs. This doesn’t mean that you need to replace your commercial refrigerator as soon as it passes the 10-year mark, but it is time to start paying more attention. At a certain point, the cost of repairs and electricity will mean a new fridge will be the smarter financial choice. 

Your commercial refrigerator is becoming noisier

Commercial refrigerators should be very quiet, producing nothing but a soft hum. It should be nothing but background noise and if it becomes noticeable, it’s time to get a mechanic out to look a that. This is especially true if the noise sounds out of the ordinary, like a buzzing or clicking noise. 

If you are considering purchasing a new commercial refrigerator, or you would like to have your current refrigerator checked for any of these potential problems, get in touch with the team at All So Cool today! We are your local go-to refrigeration repairs Gold Coast, and we can bring your current commercial refrigerator back to working order, or let you know when it’s time to get a new one.