Venue Startup checklist


  • Clean any accessible filters.
  • Turn on your refrigeration cabinets:
  • Check that the Evaporator and Condenser fans are working and not making odd noises.
  • Is the set-point correct? For food cabinets, we recommend 2-3°C.
  • Check any door hinges / catches for operation and wear.
  • Monitor the temperature as the cabinet / item cools down.
  • Make sure the refrigerated room or cabinet is down to temp before stocking it with food.

Beer system:

  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Disassemble and clean keg couplers and taps, apply grease sparingly.
  • Perform a line clean.
  • Check the expiry dates on your package and keg products.
  • Pull product through the system (Any water left in the system can cause freeze ups and split lines.)
  • Check your glycol concentration.
  • Make sure your manifold taps are open.
  • Turn on your chiller or glycol system.
  • Check for glycol flow in the tank.
  • Monitor the chiller system as it cools.
  • Check the Condensing unit for any odd noises.

If you have any issues, don’t hesitate to call All So Cool on 3422 0011, We’re here to help.