Beer Line Cleaning 101: Tips for a Great Beer

Commercial beer taps, like so many other systems, perform a lot better when they’re cleaned and maintained regularly. Beer line cleaning is of the utmost importance, not only for keeping your beer tasting fresh, but for protecting the health and safety of your patrons. This quick guide to beer line cleaning will take you through why you should clean your system, how often you should clean, and how to do it effectively! 

Why You Should Clean Your Beer Lines 

Nothing will put off your patrons more than a strange tasting beer. With summer fast approaching in Australia, your customers are going to be hankering for an ice cold beer on a scorching day. When that golden goodness touches their lips, you want them to feel refreshed, not confused. 

Beer line cleaning is essential to keeping your beer tasting crisp and fresh. The beer tap system can get clogged up with all sorts of nasty things over time and spoil your product on the way into the glass. 

Taste aside, cleaning your beer taps protects the health and safety of your customers. If your lines become contaminated with something nasty, and it festers for a while, you can’t predict the effect it’ll have on your customers body. It’s not worth the risk when foregoing a good clean could result in an upset stomach and a bad Google review. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Beer Lines 

When it comes to beer line cleaning, the more often, the better. Of course, cleaning can be time consuming, but you should aim to clean your beer lines weekly. The busier you are, the more cleaning may be necessary. 

Beer Line Cleaning Best Practices 

You can clean your beer lines with a cleaning keg or other more advanced cleaning systems.

The aim with any beer line cleaning system is to remove the beer, flush the lines with cleaning chemical and rinse the lines with water before finally pulling beer back up to the taps. Regardless of the method used, the result is a simple and quick system that pushes all the nasty stuff out your beer lines with ease. 

Remember, beer line cleaning is critical to your business. Keep your beers tasting crisp and keep your customers coming back for more, all summer long. 

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It’s also worth checking out this PDF on beer line cleaning advice which contains finer details.