When to Call a Fridge Mechanic: Signs to Look Out For

If you work in hospitality, food service, food retail, or behind the scenes in some kind of food and beverage processing, then you need to know when it’s time to call a fridge mechanic. These industries are so reliant on their commercial refrigeration systems that they can’t afford to overlook the warning signs. In this article, we’ll show you what to look out for so that you know when to call a fridge mechanic. We want to keep your business running smoothly just as much as you do. 

Your Commercial Refrigerator Stops Working 

Okay, this one seems obvious, but we want to help you determine whether this is a “call a fridge mechanic” situation or if you can resolve it on your own. First, check that the unit is plugged in correctly and that the power outlet is on. If it is, find out if your property has electricity or if there has been an unexpected blackout. 

If neither of these things seem to be the problem, turn the outlet off and inspect the cord and plug. Is there any fraying, damage or similar? If so, leave the unit turned off and call a fridge mechaniccall a fridge mechanic

The Refrigeration Unit Stops Cooling Things Properly 

You might notice that your commercial refrigeration system isn’t keeping your items cold anymore. The first step is to check the dial on the inside of the fridge – the higher the number, the colder the temperature. Sometimes, a super cold temperature causes the evaporator coils to freeze over, which makes the whole unit less effective. If this is the case, you might need to defrost the unit entirely. 

If the dial hasn’t been changed recently, and the evaporator coils aren’t frozen over, there may be something else wrong with your commercial refrigerator. This is when it’s time to call a commercial refrigeration repair service. 

Your Commercial Refrigerator is Freezing Your Food or Drink 

On the other hand, your refrigeration unit might be freezing your food when it really shouldn’t be. The first thing you should check is that dial inside the refrigerator – someone may have bumped it by accident. If you notice that the number is quite high (meaning the temperature is very low), try lowering the number somewhat to make the inside of the unit a little less cold. 

If you’ve done this (or the dial hasn’t been moved recently) and the refrigerator is still freezing your food, then it’s time to —you guessed it— call a fridge mechanic! A commercial refrigeration repair service will get to the bottom of the issue in no time. 

The Refrigeration Unit is Making Weird Noises 

Now, if you’ve had your commercial refrigerator for a while, you should be familiar with the usual sounds it makes from day to day. Some noises and hums are totally normal and are not signs that trouble is brewing. 

“Weird” sounds are more like high-pitched screeching noises, loud or persistent bangs and knocks, clunking, and so on. Your refrigerators fans, ice machine, or compressor could be causing the issue, just to name a few possible culprits. Noises are a sure sign to call a fridge mechanic, as they’re telling you that your unit is not working properly. 

Your Commercial Refrigerator is Leaking Mysterious Fluid 

If you notice water inside your refrigerator, or pooling on the ground, then the defrost drain might be clogged. It’s also possible that your refrigerator’s doors aren’t closing properly, causing undue frosting and/or melting. Not only could the moisture cause additional problems with your refrigerator, but leaks are a safety issue on slippery surfaces. 

If you have a refrigeration unit with an accessible defrost drain, you should be able to clean it out yourself. If you can’t access the drain, or you’re not sure how to, call a refrigerator repair company to help you out. Professional technicians can also identify whether there are more problems with your unit besides the possible defrosting issue. 

Commercial Fridges Tripping Circuit Breakers

If you are having issues with your commercial fridge having possibly tripped a circuit breaker, we can look through your appliances and determine what the cause is. It might not necessarily be your fridge that causes the issue. If it’s not, while we may only be able to fix your commercial fridge, we can also help identify what the other issue is – if it’s something else.

Why You Should Call a Fridge Mechanic

You want to go into 2021 feeling prepared for all kinds of disasters at your place of work. We all know how testing 2020 was. We’ve learned that preparedness and adaptability are super important for staying successful during times of change and stress. COVID-19 has actually increased the need for adequate refrigeration and influenced consumers to purchase and enjoy easy-to-prepare meals and beverages. Considering this, you want to keep your commercial refrigeration systems in top condition so that you can stay competitive and meet your customers needs! 

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